Corporate Wellness Workshops

Alissa offers Corporate Wellness Workshops that include up-to-date / evidence based information, hands-on learning tools, and simple behaviour change strategies to help individuals lead a healthy lifestyle! By providing support around food schedules to boost energy levels, quick and easy recipes, meal planning tips, healthy fast-food options and treats at your desk, I hope to improve workplace satisfaction and performance. 

Virtual, LIVE: 1 workshop, 5-10 spots available 

60 minutes, $500 per workshop

90 minutes, $750 per workshop 

  • e-Materials that accompany workshops will be provided
  • Complimentary Mini Menu Assessment and e-Feedback 
  • Healthy U Meal Plan (4-week menu, and grocery list) 
  • Most workshops will include a cooking demonstration
  • Optional: delivery of groceries to 10 locations prior to the event for cooking demonstration (additional fee for delivery)
  • Optional: survey can be disseminated prior to the event to learn more about employees area of interest/focus, and integrated into workshop content 

Topics Include:

  • Small changes, big gains. Simplifying the process of making healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Optimizing energy levels through a balanced, structured meal plan 
  • Recipe inspiration; simple ingredients, quick preparation, and ready on-the-go  
  • Strategies on staying fuelled while managing a busy workday / heavy workload 
  • Fast-food, restaurant and cafeteria tips and tricks to make healthier choices 
  • “Brain food” and improved work performance 
  • Staying hydrated without eliminating your caffeine boost!  
  • Office “treats” made healthy 
  • It’s all connected. Sleep, nutrition, movement, and mood

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