Healthy U Spices

$185 per package of 20; some sold separately

Healthy U offers 20 NEW spices which add more flavour to your kitchen, without the extra work! Our spices are made from high quality ingredients, and with ease, you magically have over 10 new cuisines added to your menu! You can spice up your standard chicken recipe with Italian, Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Moroccan, Indian or Carribean cuisines, all at the tip of your fingers! No need to purchase individual spices, or measure them out in different portions, it is ALL DONE for you! 

Healthy U Sauces*

$130 per package of 10; some sold separately

Healthy U offers 10 NEW sauces to use while cooking, or even for dipping! Our sauces are made from high quality ingredients, and are healthy twists to some of our favourite sauces! We tossed in some roasted butternut squash to our ‘Mac n’ Cheese’ sauce, we loaded kale into our pesto sauce, and turned broccoli into a pizza crust – the list goes on! All you need to do is thaw your sauce and then add to your recipe – it is that SIMPLE, yet so much more nutritious!

*Batches made twice a year and sold frozen. Available to order May 2021 for Toronto/GTA. Subject to a delivery surcharge.*

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